Is an awesome singer and performer, she is undeniably a great person with a kind heart and sweet nature..

Precila has

been a true God-send, she has supplied her great singing skills without asking for much in return.

She used her personal time to come and lay vocals for AWARENESS IS POWER.

On I am the Boy (they don’t understand) Precila sung the chorus part on a whim, with no preparation, this

not only

proves her talent, but it shows just how great she really is. 

This act of kindness holds unmeasurable weight in my heart, a priceless gift she has done towards the

project. Despite

needing to be places, she chose to perform those vocals instead.

For this reason alone, she will always be a special element to Awareness is Power.

Precila has offered and contributed so much to Awareness is Power, i could be wrong but i have a strong

feeling she did

it because she cared about the cause, she wasn’t interested in receiving payment as such, but to help a good cause,

she strongly believes in mental health being. And is a first hand experiencer of Mental health illness, particularly


It was a terrific pleasure working with Precila, she is the kind of girl that always puts others first before

herself, and will dedicate her time and passion to make you happy.

If you are looking for a unique smooth voice singer, who can also find a melody on the spot, then look no

further… Precila is the one.

You can hear the awesome Precila on the following songs:

Hang In There

⇔You Know I love You (Remix)

⊗I’m The Girl

→I am The Boy (they don’t understand)

To contact Precila, click the link below