This section i will be talking to you about Mental Health &Neurological disorder,

from a parent point of view of a sufferer and from a medical point of facts.


I am raising neurological disorder awareness because my awesome, wonderful, bright

10- year- old son, Dominic, has been 

diagnosed with a neurological disorder called TOURETTES SYNDROME in addition to his condition he also

has been diagnosed with ADHD & GAD.

This campaign is BEYOND dear to my heart…. as i happen to have many love ones 

who also struggle with Mental Health, such as OCD, Chronic Depression, Bipolar And Social Anxiety.

Why do i want to raise public awareness?

Because NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS affects up to 1 billion of people in the world.

And when it comes to mental health illness or disorders

Many people don’t feel comfortable talking or sharing about it. Due to many factors such as:

stigmas & myths.

But, i do believe that we are all humans, nobody is immune to  mental health illness or disorders, so is very

important to share & raise awareness

Seek help, so one can feel better and enjoy life to the full without stress, worries, unhappiness, addiction, anxiety,


As a parent, i will do anything to support my children emotionally or physically.

Especially as Dominic, struggles with a condition that is very challeging, annoying, painful, and such a confidence


TOURETTES SYNDROME, is a neurological disorder many people may not understand how it may affect the sufferer on

daily basis. School, employment, college, university, social life etc.


When my son started school he was the only one with Tourettes Syndrome.

And because of that, he was misunderstood, judged and labelled disruptive, because he was ticking in the classroom.

As far as i can remember, his tics started when he was 6 years old, however i started noticing tics when he was

3 years. 

Naturally, at the time i didn’t know what it was.

The first tics was throat clearing, coughing, squeaking….and making ttt sounds.

Then it progressed to a more worrying and noticeable tics, as he got older, to sniffing, howling….

blowing his fingers, shoulder shrugging, arm flexing, head jerking, gulping, popping,

sticking tongue out, rotating shoulders, curling the hands,

Pigeon sounds, facial twitching, stretching arms and legs, sucking air, repeating words, and frowning.

(Note* So far, my child hasn’t developed any swearing tic knows as ”Coprolalia” .



Medically & Factually: Is a neurological disorder that causes involuntary tics, such as movements or vocal sounds.

Tourettes syndrome, may also affect the sufferer mental health, in many various ways.

Tourettes Syndrome, usually  presents itself with other disorders, most common, ADHD & AUTISM & OCD.

Tourettes Syndrome, to some individuals it comes with many challenges,

therefore, in my humble opnion…It warrants the same respect and acceptance as any other

illness/condition out there that distresses the carrier.


When my child turned 9 his tics were very brutal, relentless, and noticeable. It was a very tough moment for him.

Especially at school and public transport…he not only felt self-couscious but it really affected his mood.

As a parent, it seriously broke me to pieces as all i could do is offer moral support…but the motor tics were so


that i found myself desperately seeking help from others who have crossed paths or were in the same shoes.


Social media support groups have been a massive help and a God-send, i met parents who were in the same shoes.

I made friends with people who not only could relate but would always offer moral support and suggestions and tips.

Whether medically or from past experiences. And i am eternally grateful for their on- going support.

For anyone who suffers from Tourettes or can relate, if you are looking for a friendly, welcoming, supportive support

group online please click here


Being a first hand experiencer, i have painfully watched my son’s tic ‘wax and wane’ which means increase &


To date my son now, has had over 300 different tics. They range from mild, moderate and severe.

As of now 2017 his old tics have returned again, this happens to be one of the most annoying and bothersome tic to


The tic i’m referring to, is head jerking, loud grunt/cough and making loud noises, it hurt his throat.

He, recently just started mumbling and getting extremely irritated.

More noticeably when asked to do chores or other school subjects like maths.

The head jerking tic, clicking the knees tic until it snaps, all these tics bothers him, makes him feel self counscious.


One day i picked Dominic from school, this was when he was 8- years- old, he was very upset, he started crying

andventing furiously.

He began telling me distressingly, how he had the most awful day at school, Dominic was sent to detention

because he was humming which is a vocal tic

Moreover, his classmates kept telling him to stop doing that, on top of it all he got his playtime taken away.

This is what prompted me to create this campaign, because i had just about enough, i was absolutely livid.

Dominic never complained about his tourettes until that very incident at school, which made him very upset and wishing he never 

he never had tourettes. He was and has always been a brave tough young boy, never complained or made any fuss about his tics.

Always carried it well, I have always taught him to tell people what he has if ever asked, never to be ashamed, because is not his 

fault. This lack of awareness at some schools shows that there is a lot to be done about Tourettes syndrome being known at school.



Many people that suffer from Tourettes Syndrome & other neuro or mental health

Have found that art/drawing, reading, writing, knitting and music can really help alleviate some symptoms and stress.

Dominic tics disappear when he is doing something he enjoys a lot, especially drawing, reading and playing musical


When we recorded ”I am the boy (they don’t understand) he had a humming and stutter tic…but all went away

as soon as we started recording and writing the rhymes. 


The sufferer at some point in their lives may encounter or face mental health issues

And experience unwanted stares or attention. Due to the motor or vocal tics that may seem strange, annoying or


to someone who is not aware of the disorder. Instead of staring you could ask if the person ticking is

okay…rather than stare or make assumptions. Asking shows that you care. And i would think that most

people don’t like to be stared at, whether they have a condition or not.


Some have misrepresenting TOURETTES SYNDROME, many sufferers feel very cross and unhappy about this

particular issue.

Because of the actual facts that have been left out, for instance there is more to tourettes than swearing.

random words, but somehow the majority of people that know about tourettes only know about the disorder because

of the infamous ‘Coprolalia‘ 

TV and social media like to include parts that make for good TV and entertain the viewers. Which i find it very insensitive!


Comes with many difficulties and disorders, for example my son lacks social cues, and falls on the mild side spectrum of 

 sensory processing disorder, example over sensitive taste buds 

where he sometimes recoils from the textures of certain foods. And over sensitive hearing where jumps or flinch to high pitch sounds.

They may have a different view of the world, how they see, understand things, it takes a kind of special person to understand.


There has been studies and facts children diagnosed with a neurological disorder sometimes possess a special

ability beyond normality and go on to achieve great things. So never underestimate one because of their disorder or 



I have always believed that education starts at home, we the parents/guardians should find in us the passion

the need, the importance to educate our children basic manners and values, before they venture into the outside world

 Empathy, Respect, Compassion, & Acceptance.

I have noticed where some parents, don’t take the time to teach their children about kindness, differences

 disorders, disabilities, appearances, religion, and culture.

Mean words can break someone’s spirit.

Bullying is as wrong as 2 left shoes, so parents need to educate their children.

Parents need to educate their children about love, compassion, sharing, accepting and respecting other people’s


We need to do more as a community and support one another.

For a parent having to witness helplessly their children in distress, ticking constantly in pain, is extremely

heartbreaking…Tourettes children already have enough on their plate living with a bothersome disorder

they do not need another additional stress from school, from other children who are being mean towards their

condition or differences.

So i truly pray and hope my campaign enlightens those who are lacking awareness & empathy.