Dominic Azul

The Genius Artist & Tourettes Syndrome Warrior.

What can i say about Dominic?

Well he is the proud son of Sebastian Azul.

And the main star, the youngest member of the Awareness is Power team.

But don’t let his age fool you, he has great ears for rhythm and riveting concepts when it comes

to create music.

He is an exceptional gifted artist with superb attention to detail (check merchandise designs)

Dominic, holds grand love for nature and the environment we all live in.

It is safe to say, he is an avid tree hugger, he wants to create laws that will protect the

environment from harmful exposure.

DOMINIC, is just like any other boy, he loves drawing, reading lots, playing video games,

FNAF, Minecraft,, Terraria, Destroy all humans, Alien Homid, Lego,

Fidget spinner, activity cubes, reading lots of comic books, horrid henry, crazy facts,

goosebumps, FNAF Freddy files, and silver eyes etc, Gruesome facts, Animals, Deadly

predators & endagered species.

Dominic Azul, wants to be a video game programmer, an engineer, where he can build robots to

help people….who cannot generally look after themselves. He also wants to be a Youtuber.

And create laws.that will stop people from smoking near children. Due to second hand


Last but certainly not least, he wants to raise awareness about Tourettes Syndrome & ADHD to

support children alike.

He believes in hope and giving moral support to other children that have a neurological or physical


You can hear Dominic on the following songs

  • I am the boy (they don’t understand) 
  • Personal Hero
  • You know I love You (Remix)
  • Talking About My Ts
  • Pass the Mic If you Wanna know (RELOADED)