Sebastian Azul (Homen Azul) 

Dominic Azul (Genius Artist)

Team Φ〉  Sebastian Azul & Dominic Azul

Dominic Azul:

Genius Artist, Croxxster, Tourettes Syndrome Warrior & Advocate.

The main star: the youngest member of the Awareness is Power team.
But don’t let his age fool you! Dominic has great ears for rhythm and riveting concepts when it comes to creativity. Dominic is an excellent artist who has inherited the talent of his mother who is also an outstanding designer. He is an exceptional gifted artist with superb attention to detail!

Thoughtful, Creative, Caring, Talkative! 

Dominic is besotted by evolution and science and holds grand love for nature and the environment we all live in.

An avid tree hugger who loves animals and wants to own an Iguana or an Alsatian.

Dominic also enjoys drawing, reading Artemis Fowl book series, playing video games, fnaf, Spore, and terraria. 

Dominic has no limit to his aspirations and dreams. Some of his desired future professions include video game programming, being a You-Tuber and being an engineer who builds robots to help people who cannot generally look after themselves.

(Inspired by Robot  & Frank a 2012 American science fiction comedy-drama film set in the near future.)

Last, but certainly not least he avidly wants to raise awareness about Tourettes Syndrome & ADHD to support children like him.

His beliefs are routed in hope and giving moral support to other children in distress.

You can hear Dominic here on the music page, on the following songs:

I am the boy (they don’t understand) 
Personal Hero
You know I love You (Remix)
Talking About My Ts

Mental Health Warriors
Pass the Mic If you Wanna Know (RELOADED)

Meet Sebastian Azul! 
Sebastian Azul – (Homen Azul) is an independent songwriter, producer and upcoming awareness artist based in London. Azul conveys messages of empowerment, courage, faith, hope, strength, love and unity in his music. Unique in his approach to writing, Azul is transparent and open about mental illness and neurological conditions in a way that’s never been done before.

His lifelong passion for writing poetry and producing tracks found it’s purpose when his son learned that he had been diagnosed with a neurological condition called ”Tourettes Syndrome”. He used his passion for music as a platform to raise awareness and educate people about the realities of living with a condition like Tourettes, as well as disorders such as ADHD, OCD, Asperger’s and many more

So far Azul has reached success on online Radio Stations such as CONTROL RADIO UK, All hits 86.6, Genzel radio, and many others.

Where his single ‘I’m The Girl’ charted at #2! You can hear this and the rest of Sebastian Azul’s music on all major streaming sites. He has also developed a line of Awareness is Power merchandise that can be purchased on

Sebastian Azul

Sebastian Azul is a charismatic, passionate, caring hard working individual, dedicated in helping others with his art!

Born in Angola, Raised in England. Azul studied music technology for 3 years and earned a BTEC Level 3 in Music and sound engineering. 

As well as a musician, he is also a qualified community interpreter LEVEL 3 certificate holder. Qualified to work in the public and private sector. Azul speaks fluent English and Portuguese (his native tongue) as well as conversational French and Catalan.

He always had a passion for writing poetry and making beats. When he became a father, he learned that his child had a neurological condition called ”Tourettes Syndrome”. In addition, his child was also diagnosed with ADHD and Anxiety.

A neurobehavioral problems that often cause more impairment than the tics themselves.  These include inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—ADHD);   problems with reading, writing, and arithmetic; and obsessive-compulsive symptoms such as intrusive thoughts/worries and repetitive behaviours. For example, worries about dirt and germs may be associated with repetitive hand-washing, and concerns about bad things happening may be associated with ritualistic behaviours such as counting, repeating, or ordering and arranging.  People with TS have also reported problems with depression or anxiety disorders, as well as other difficulties with living, that may or may not be directly related to TS.

As of September 2016, Azul decided to create an awareness campaign to share and spread awareness to the general public about neurological disorders and mental illness.

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