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DS stands for: dear or darling son, is a term mainly used in blogs/forums. I will use this term here rather than Dominic.

My DS was diagnosed at the tender age of 6, I’m quite sure i have already mentioned this somewhere. But i will again here just for a recap. 

I first noticed DS first symptoms as being full of energy, bouncing up and down, impulsive, now by impulsive I mean, he would ask the most random questions, and questions that were very inappropriate for his age, he would also interrupt conversation.

His social cues was also a symptom that was noticeable. This is an ongoing problem to this day. But those signs, didn’t stood out as unusual to me at the moment of appearance.
Like many parents, would just put down as children being children, but as time went on, DS
began coughing, very often, at first I thought it was the damp and mouldy walls of the
bedroom, It was more noticeable when we would stay for sleepovers at my sister’s flat.
My sister had a bedroom that had damp and mouldy walls, and needed repainting.
Naturally, I just thought well is only a cough and didn’t make much deal about it, until it
went on for more than 2 weeks, I then began to worry, and started giving DS cough syrup.

To be continued.

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