The following article below is an update of the September 2017, newspaper story published.
Click here since then a lot of things have changed for the better. I thought it would be important to update this.

When the article above was published Dominic was having extreme difficulties.


Naturally and understandably academic life can be very stressful for anyone. But perhaps even more stressful when one has a neurological disorder that make you tic uncontrollably. Not to mention a neurodevelopmental disorder as well. 

From year 3 at school, Dominic had his fair share of ups and downs. Originally it was the ADHD disorder that cause him the most trouble at school. At the time he wasn’t diagnosed, so the teachers thought he was just being disruptive, naughty and seeking attention. Year 3 was very challenging for Dominic, he didn’t know what was happening to him or why he was acting the way he was.

When Dominic moved schools and entered year 6 (Aurora) he was blessed with a fantastic, wonderful, cool teacher. I will address the teacher as MR S last initial of his surname. I truly felt was a God send, not only very positive and supportive, but supported Dominic throughout and additionally and gave Dominic lots of confidence. Especially on his last year of primary school where he would transition to secondary school. Mr S, explained to other pupils about Dominic condition in a clear way possible. This way they understood. Dominic has given a speech to his class about how his condition affects him, how sometimes the tics can be very brutal and consistent and sometimes mild. This was a speech that was well received and his classmates started to understand and accept the fact that Dominic had a condition he couldn’t control. 

Dominic speech about his condition, made him feel very happy he said he felt like a huge load lifting off his shoulders.  🙂
In addition MR S provided Dominic with full support by explaining to the class that everyone have their own differences and it should be accepted, respected and understood.  Further more we are all a team and we stick together supporting one another. This was an amazing approach and effective. Some of the classmates that were being annoyed with Dominic’s tics came to apologise.

I would like to thank you immensely for being an amazing supportive and positive teacher to my son. THANK YOU!


Currently, Dominic  have extra support of a teaching assistant. This has been a massive help in helping him concentrate in class. His current teaching assistant, Miss Z is a wonderful help to him. Pleased to say from mid-April 2018 Dominic grades have improved, he is no longer behind. He feels very confident and is excited about starting secondary school.

Overall the school he attends is exceptional and the staff is an absolute delight. From the lollipop man to the warden.

P∅wer to all the wonderful super teachers that can be a positive influence making a student feel special, valued, supported, appreciated and significant. There are teachers out there that go out of their way to make a student feel special.

They have some special ability to connect, interact and motivate a student. They are exceptionally devoted to their profession. Î Ξ

But there are also some who lack awareness and affection and will send a student to time out or put on detention at the drop of a hat.

Difficulties at school  ♦ ♣ Θ Advice.

If any parents out there have children or young adult or know someone who is having trouble in school, college, university because of their condition, maybe you could ask if they can give the class a speech about their condition with the teacher support. It makes it easier for the classmates to understand and accept the differences. Maybe they could make a drawing or use an art/craft or musical instrument that he or she enjoys and is good at for example drawing with texts or a rap freestyle or even singing.

Students with additional needs they are entitled to extra support/ teacher assistant, mentor, brain breaks, time out space, and maybe even counselling. It can be extremely difficult for them to catch up on studies/grades/assignments/deadlines when they have a condition or illness that affects their mood, behaviour, Example of some would be ADHD, DYSLEXIA, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, SLEEPING PROBLEMS.

It can be a helpful outlet to express and relieve tension while explaining something meaningful. Raising awareness.

Where the whole class will be paying full attention and everybody listening. It may not be necessary for some, this depends how much your condition/illness affects your mental health or studies. But i believe it works for some students. Even at work place i believe the employer can arrange to do a meeting where he or she can explain the condition/illness how it affects and the impact it has. There are many work colleagues/staff who are very hurtful and inconsiderate to one’s person illness or condition. Many face lack of empathy, understanding and awareness. I strongly believe by doing this it can get rid of stigma and bring out more clarity.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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