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Welcome 🙂 

My name is Sebastian Azul, 

And you have landed into my website called ‘‘AWARENESS IS POWER”

An informative independent Mental Health Disorder awareness campaign.

To raise Mental health awareness to the general public through music, clothing, merchandise and information.

AWARENESS IS POWER  brings consciousness to the general public through empowering music catchy, melodic,

positive, upbeat, and informative, with powerful messages.

It is an educational website/campaign where you can find, read and learn about some of the most common

Neurological disorders-

That affects 1 in every 100, most principally TOURETTES SYNDROME & ADHD & AUTISM & OCD & ANXIETY & ADD.

Awareness is Power is mostly centred on Tourettes Syndrome due to my firsthand experience.

TOURETTES SYNDROME  is a  neurological condition that affects the

brain and nervous system. Caused by a combination of involuntary noises and movements called Tics.

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Why have i decided to create this website you may wonder?

Well, because I, Sebastian Azul, struggle with ADHD and ANXIETY, but most importantly someone

that i love dearly and preciously has been diagnosed with TOURETTES SYNDROME & ADHD & ANXIETY.

and the person i’m refering to is my lovely, creative 10 -year- old son. 

Diagnosed with Tourettes & ADHD & Anxiety since the tender age of 6, my Son has been through many

hardships, due to his motor tics and vocal tics. Which at times can be extremely bothersome and painful.

ADHD is a neurological disorder that can have a huge inpact in school life, because of the symptoms:

  • inattentiveness
  • hyperactivity and impulsiveness

unable to sit still in class, fidgeting, unable to concentrate, daydreaming, mind racing full of thoughts.

the need and urge to interupt, release energy, or just being easily distracted and forgetful.

All these are symptoms the sufferer may experience. The severity of the disorder varies from person to person.

Some people diagnosed with ADHD may have severe symptoms that may require medication to cope and help with school work.

ADHD may lead to isolation, low-self steem, and some may lack social cues.

This makes it hard to keep up with friends or build relationship. ( Note* I am using my own experience here )

Neverthless, my son, has been a Tourettes Syndrome Warrior.

Brave and Optimistic full of bright ideas.

Despite his tics waxing and waning. This is why I am raising awareness on his behalf.

I strongly believe confidence can do wonders,

Moral support and plenty of confidence.

Learning about the condition abundantly,

In order to have absolute insight to the condition so one can support effectively.

Additionally, this campaign also serves as  a way of showing my support for my

friends, and anyone going through harrowing times with a neurological or physical disorder.

Parents of children that are in the same shoes as mine.

But don’t have a platform or voice. I am representing them all.

I hope, the countless nights and high amount of caffeine ingested

while i sat in front of my screen mixing my tracks in Reason 8 and the passion,

the fury, the sweat, blood and tears, the metal heart i have investing in this project, can help someone out there

Or even inspire to do the same. Reach out and support any way you can with you passion or battles.

I have been an avid music lover all my life and keeping my ears close to the radio.

Still I have never, EVER heard

or listened to a song that talks about Tourettes Syndrome, or any Neurological disorders in an informative way.

So I decided to step to the plate by using my ardent passion, that i possess for music, producing and song writing.


Thank you for reading, stay positive, and stay conscious! 



NOTE* This is a self-funding project, if you would like to support me with my cause.

You can kindly support me by buying my music, stream, add it to your spotify playlist and buy my merchandise.

Spread the word on your social media or simply donate on my donations page.