Welcome to Awareness is Power!
Our aim is to spread awareness and support to those living with mental illness and neurological disorders.

Founder and main contributor, Sebastian Azul, has been creating and sharing original music with an aim to educate people about the realities of living with a mental or neurological disorder.
Sebastian was inspired by his son, Dominic, who was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome and ADHD and GAD from the tender age of 6.
Now the two work together, as father and son, to promote ‘Awareness is Power’ and in doing so, hope to help empower those in similar positions.
To learn more about the neurological disorders and mental illness, please visit the
‘’Awareness” page and to support the cause, listen to Sebastian Azul on Spotify.  Also support our social media pages and share with your friends.


Hello thank you for dropping by 🙂this is a blog/forum where i will share my personal experience as a first-hand experience and advocate parent to a child with additional needs. I hope some of you newly or not so newly parents can relate and can connect with me.

”Neurological Disorder & Mental Health Awareness

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 (Dandy-Walker-Syndrome) DWS

-DID (Dissociative identity disorder)

And many more…

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